Thursday, January 7, 2010

Advantages and Disadvantages of banana diet

Advantages of banana diet
Advantages :
Appropriate bananas may prevent a variety of disease
"Undeniably, bananas are rich in nutrition, in addition to containing starch, protein, sugar and pectin, as well as a variety of vitamins, but also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals." Professor Liu noted that the proper daily eat bananas, can prevent the following diseases:
Can cure constipation: In the constipation to eat 12 bananas can help catharsis. Because bananas contain pectin-rich, can help adjust the stomach, promote digestion, there is Runchang laxative effect.
To help lower blood pressure: Banana contained in the sodium-potassium in vivo inhibits the growth of patients with hypertension according to its own constitution, due to eat 12 a day will help lower blood pressure.
Alleviate depression: the medical profession recognized for insomnia or emotional ill bananas have a certain effect. Alleged to contain a kind of banana called "serotonin" in the material, can soothe the nerves play a calming effect. Therefore, people suffering from depression, doctors sometimes advise them to proper eating bananas.

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  1. Banana also high source in potassium and maintain blood pressure level. It can control sugar level. It is best for weight reduce.

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